Walz Forms

Another alternative to labels for your mailings are Walz forms, which the Lien ProgramĀ® uses to print a mailing label, certified sticker and receipt, and a green return receipt card all in one operation, so your paper handling is reduced to the stuffing of envelopes and the attaching of labels and cards. Walz forms print in the same order as you form print, and will print a Certified Mailing Log for the Post Office to approve.

For ease of use, Walz forms are better than using alone labels and associated stickers and green cards, but are not nearly as fast as using Pettit forms. Another disadvantage of Walz forms is that the cost of use is very near the cost of using Pettit forms, which come of the printer ready to mail. The biggest advantage of Walz forms is for companies that do a number of certified mailings in a number of states, but only a very few each printing run for each individual state, which could make using Pettit forms cost prohibitive.

You use either dot-matrix printers, bottom fed preferred, or laser printers with Walz forms. To ease setup and alignment, we also encourage the use of a printer solely devoted to the printing of Walz forms- save your laser printer for the printing of everything else Be sure to setup to use Walz forms on Page #3 of the System Defaults selection of the Setup Main Menu option.

Important: Laser type Walz forms must be printed in 12 CPI mode, either by setting your printer to that mode or sending a printer control string, entered in the Label Printer Setup on page #3 of System Defaults (see Lien ProgramĀ® Setup, Page #3 section, for more information).

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