Using the Reference File

As you learned while entering your first record, the Reference file is where the program stores your Customers, Owners, General Contractors, Lenders and Other Contacts. The program is defaulted to automatically set to store this information for you but you can also enter and edit that information without being in the Current Jobs File.

Section 1: Opening The Reference File

Step 1: Click on File on the upper Tool Bar.

Step 2: Click on Reference File.

Section 2: Entering Information

Step 1: Click on Add to create a new record.

Step 2: Just enter the information in the fields you need. When you are done just close the record.

Entering information in the Reference File is better then entering it through the Current Jobs. This is because you are entering more information such as contact, telephone and fax numbers. Once you have entered you will never have to enter it again.

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