Using the Help Files

F1 Key Help

You can get help on any field or button simply by pressing the F1 Function Key. A description of the field and what it is used for will appear, sometimes, where appropriate, with suggestions for usage.

Fn Keys Help

The Lien Programs® have two Help File sections for your quick use. You have a Help File attached to Current Jobs File for quick review of the Fn Key functions. Simply click on Help on the Customer page of the Current Jobs File.

Lien Programs® Help Files

The more detailed Help files can be found on the upper tool bar. Simply click on Help on the upper tool bar and this will bring up selections of Files for your review. As well as a state-by-state break down on filing procedures and timeline requirements.

You also have the ability to print out any topic you need for further review. We continually update the Help File based upon the Lien Programs® updates and Statute changes. 

You can also find information on the Lien Programs® defaults in the Help Files. If you have any further questions about using the Lien Programs® please feel free to call FWM Software, LLC, Technical Support at the number listed in the License Agreement section. 

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