Trouble Shooting and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my program coming up as a demo.

A: The program registration number needs to be entered into the appropriate field upon installation of the program. Please call FWM Software, LLC, Technical Support for a registration number.

Q: My new records are not saving. I keep overtyping the old data, but when I am done my other record has disappeared.

A: You must click on the “Add” button to create a new job, otherwise you are simply typing over your old data. Please review Chapter 4.

Q: When printing out documents from my Lien Program® my company information does not print out.

A: This error could be caused by multiple problems: 1) In the current jobs file verfiy that in the field labeled company code, your correct company code is there; 2) You do not have your company setup correct, go to upper tool bar “setup” and click on “company setup”; 3) If all this is correct then go to upper tool bar “Setup” run “Re-index database”. Also, read the section in this manual, “When To Repair Database Indexes”. If the problem still persists, call FWM Software, LLC, Technical Support for further assistance.

Q: How do I know what to do with the forms I generate?

A: The program main Help option will open up the Help table, which has a great deal of information on filing your forms. It should not however, be considered a substitute for the advise of your attorney.

Q: I add records but they seem to disappear, or change my sort order and the sort is missing records?

A: Most likely you have record index damage. Go to the Main Menu Tool Bar, select “Setup”, then “Re-Index Database”. Also, read the section in this manual, “When To Repair Database Indexes”.

Although Lien Writer is designed to be a very affective tool for the mechanics lien process, We still recommend you obtain all the information you can on the Mechanics Lien Process in your state. Most construction or collection associations offer some type of training seminar on the process. If you would like help in finding a class in your area please call FWM Software, LLC, Customer Service.

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