Tips on Using Mailing Labels and Walz Forms

If you are using plain paper labels for the printing of labels for your letters, you will want to set up the program to print 3 labels, three each for every mailing so you have a label for the addressee, the green certified return card, and the certified label receipt.  The program will also, automatically, print exactly how many labels you will need for your Company return address.

However, some companies, like Service Resellers, need some additional labels.  If you are a Service Reseller, you should consider two checkboxes in the Label setup area of page 3 of your Lien ProgramĀ® Defaults.  For example, Service Resellers sometimes want to have printed an extra company label whenever company labels are printed you would have a company label to send copies of preliminary notices served to your customers.  If you want this label to print check the Print Extra Company Label checkbox and then the extra label will print.  Unchecked, and you have exactly one label for every notice, no more, no less.

Second, many Resellers have want all company information to mention their client (so they do not get telephone calls) but want the green certified return cards returned to them for safekeeping.  By checking Print Default Mailing Party Label one set of the labels will use the Default Mailing Party information (the Resellers names and address) on the return address label for the green certified return cards, but everything else that prints can reference the client / Company.

If you are using Walz forms, and the Print Default Mailing Party box is checked, the Walz Form label for sticking to the green certified return cards will print with the Default Mailing Party information instead of the Company information.

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