Text Functions for the Program

These functions are used during the entry of data into LienWriter®: Functions apply to highlighted text:

CUT: Cut out and store to memory the highlighted text

COPY: Copy the highlighted text

PASTE: Paste back the CUT or COPIED text

CLEAR: Clear out the field text

SELECT ALL: Select all the field text

UNDO: Undo the last operation

REDO: Redo the last operation

PROPER CASE: Post highlighted text in proper case: lien writer is changed to Lien Writer®

UPPER CASE: Post highlighted text in upper case: lien writer® is changed to LIEN WRITER®

LOWER CASE Post highlighted text in lower case: LIEN WRITER® becomes lien writer®

CASCADE WINDOWS: Takes all windows open in the program and puts them in cascade order. Handy when your screen is a mess.

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