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Program Name:  Lien Programs®

Bulletin Title:  Terminal Server and Resource File Errors

Bulletin No:  TB0007

“The resource file is not valid” error


When first set up, some Terminal Server Installations have a problem with the Visual Foxpro resource files:


Choosing either solution here does not correct the program for the user.  Often there will be several terminal server users but only one reports this problem.



NTFS file permissions are set to not allow earlier versions of Visual FoxPro resource files to be upgraded to later versions, or be installed as read/write.


These 2 files are:




Depending on the environment, these files can either reside in the %system32% directory or the installation directory.



Typically occurs when a program is upgraded to new version, especially on a locked-down environment (e.g. Citrix server) where the end user is not a member of the local Windows group "Administrators".


Resolving the problem

A)    Workaround:

Simply click on either 'yes' or 'no' (it does not matter) and carry on.

         NOTE: Depending on the environment, you *may* experience different errors later.


B)    Fix:
Modify the NTFS permissions on the files foxuser.dbf and foxuser.fpt, to give read/write access to group 'everyone':


1.     Logon to the client PC (or Citrix server) as a Windows administrator

2.     Open the folder C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32

3.     Right-click on the file foxuser.dbf and choose 'properties'

4.     Click on tab 'security'

5.     Click 'Add'

6.     Enter the group 'Everyone' and click OK

7.     Highlight 'Everyone' and tick the box 'Full Control' under column 'Allow'

8.     Click OK

9.     Repeat steps 3-8, but this time for file foxuser.fpt

10.  Open the installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Lien Program (or C:\Program Files\Lien Program)

11.  Repeat steps 3-9

12.  Restart Consolidator

13.  When the message again appears, confirm the question with 'YES'

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