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Program Name:    Lien Programs®

Bulletin Title:   SMB2 Workstation Cache Configuration

Bulletin No:          TB0005

SMB2 Workstation Cache Configuration


To avoid data loss or data corruption when using Windows Vista or Windows 7 clients in a network where data is stored on a Windows Server 2008 or higher, the SMB2 file meta data cache needs to be reconfigured. The proper configuration is automatically applied by the MSI package. This solution is provided by Alaska Software,


With the advent of Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft introduced a new network protocol (SMB2) to optimize file sharing for WAN and low bandwidth and high latency scenarios. To optimize these types of file access scenarios, Microsoft performed design decisions which lead to the inability of the new SMB2 protocol to handle cache coherency of file meta information such as the file size, the last update time and whether the file actually exists on the server ("file not found" status).

As a result of this design decision made by Microsoft, the SMB2 protocol with its default configuration breaks any application relying on shared, concurrent data access. It is therefore absolutely required to reconfigure the SMB2 cache of the local workstation to not cache file meta information.

Alaska Software provides to its customers and their end-users an MSI installation package which reconfigures the SMB2 cache accordingly. This MSI package needs to be executed on any Vista and Windows 7 workstation in a network to ensure that no data loss or data corruption occurs when accessing files concurrently.

     Applicable to Vista and higher

     Installation is denied on other machines

     Package does not work on Win95/Win98/WinMe

This package creates and modifies values under following registry key:


The following registry values are created and set to zero:





To execute: Press the Reset SMB2 Configuration in under the SETUP main menu option, and the program will load, execute and reset the SMB2 default setttings.


If desired, to deinstall the package, go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall Program. Choose Uninstall for the "Alaska Software SMB2 cache configuration" entry. The deinstallation process will remove the added entries from the registry. Therefore, the original default settings of 10 respectively 5 seconds cache lifetime are used by the workstation thereafter.

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