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Program Name:    Lien Programs® (including Lien Writer®, Lien Writer® Multi-State, Lien Writer® Pro, Lien Releaser®, and Lien Releaser® Pro)

Bulletin Title:       Setting Up Lien Writer® to store its Data Files on a Server

Bulletin No:          TB0004

How To: Set up Lien Writer® to store its data on a server



Our Lien Programs®, including Lien Writer®, Lien Writer® Multi-State, Lien Releaser®, Lien Releaser® Pro, Lien Writer® Pro, and the various third party programs are networkable by design. Traditionally, data files have been stored by default on the local system, i.e., the computer that Lien Writer® was installed on, in the local drive at c:\program files\lien program (older 32-bit machines) or at c:\program files (x86)\lien program (newer 64-bit machines).  But, for a variety of reasons, clients are electing to store their data files on a server when they can, a remote drive from the computer where the Lien Writer® program is run.

There are advantages.  Having your data stored elsewhere from your computer is safer.  If your local computer dies, for whatever reason, you run the risk of being unable to recover your data files and your pre-lien and lien history could be lost.  Storage on a server is far safer.  And, if your local computer does dies, and you reinstall the program on your new one, it is easy to connect to your old database on the server, even update it, and be back in business using Lien Writer®.


Moving your database to a server

As I have mentioned, the Lien Writer® program by default setups up it’s data files in the local directory where Lien Writer® is installed.  There are two reasons for this.  First, the creation of the files in a local directory is a quick and convenient.  Second, having the local directory setup allows a user to fall back to it if the network server goes down- you cannot delay getting your notices out because your server is down.  But, as server technology has improved, many choose to set their Lien Writer® program up with the data files located on the server, or even, with Citrix or Terminal Servicer system, setting the entire program up on a server (see Bulletin No: TB0003 for more information).  Here we will discuss merely moving the databases to a server for storage, or common sharing among multiple users.


The easiest way to move the database in Lien Writer® to a server is to use the Deploy a Database feature in the program:


On your first computer, select: Setup / File Maintenance / Deploy a Database



Enter the path to store your database on a server location, and press Okay. Using a Universal Locate path (i.e., \\Applications\LienProgram2\) is also okay, if you do not have a drive letter for your server::

The program will then move your database to the new location with all records, and reset your default drive path:

On your other computers, there is no need to use this system to rebuild.   Merely chose Setup / Defaults for Lien Writer:

And choose page 9 Paths, Printing, Other and set the Network Data Path to the same as done for the first computer, and press Close:

The program will confirm the change by pressing Yes on the next screen:

Do this for each of the Lien Writer® users in the system.


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