South Dakota
Notice of Intent-Private Works

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Note: For specific information on a state filing, see the state listing for its lien warning notice, if any. States requiring lien warning notices are noted at the end of this memo.

Note: This information is limited in scope and applies only to this document. Please see the general information, all forms memo, and the general information memo for this type of document, for additional information.

Description: Notice of Intent to File a Lien or Bond Claim.

Scope: State of South Dakota, Private Work

Time Constraints: You must serve a Notice of Intent to File A Lien at least 10 days before actually filing your Lien Statement. Serve by certified mail or personal service on the owner and surety, if known. You may optionally serve the general contractor and your customer, but they are not required. Failure to supply the require notice can negate your right to a lien (See the South Dakota Bond or Lien Claim, Private Work, memo for more information).

Information Requirements: Program information.

Form Types: Notice of Intent to File a Lien or Bond Claim, and Exhibits A-D, if needed.

Procedures: Send copies of the prepared forms by certified mail to the owner and sureties (if known) within the time constraints above, and optionally to the prime contractors and your customer. This will satisfy your notice requirement.

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