Set Up Mass Price Matrixes in Lien Writer Pro®

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Once you have set up Product Codes in Lien Writer® Pro you can do billing.  However, many notice services offer services on a sliding scale, especially for preliminary notices – the more notices sent a month, the lower the price per prelien.  Lien Writer® Pro offers several ways to use a Price Matrix to manage pricing for services.

You can have multiple price matrixes.  Each must be tied to a separate Product ID# code.  And, you can also directly tie a company directly to a price matrix for mass billing changes by entering the Rate code in the company’s Rate field:

Either way, the matrix must be set up for mass billing:

Rate Code:                                Enter a alphanumeric code for the matrix.  It must be unique;

Description:                                Enter a description of the matrix here.  It ought to be unique, but need not be;

Product ID#:                                Choose a Product via Product ID# to tie to the Matrix.  It is necessary for an A/R billing to be produced.  That                                                Product must be marked as a Mass Printing Product;

Progressive Billing:                        If checked, then the Post to Detail of Post Mass Items to A/R Details is press the program will calculate billing                                                sequentially for the settings in the matrix.  In the example above, this means 100 preliminary notices would

be charged progressively, i.e. the first would be at $31.00, 2-10 at $30.00, 11-50 (and above) at $27.00.  If the                Progressive Billing box is not checked, the program would count all the preliminary notices to 100, check the

grid, and charge $27.00 for all of them.  Plus, of course, any additional fees due;

Number of Docs 1 – 8:                For billing, the price breaks based on the number of documents printed;

Rate per Docs 1 – 8:                        For billing, the price of the document for the number printed;

Maximum number of Docs 1 – 8:        For billing, the maximum number of documents that may be printed.  If that number is exceeded, the Additional                                                Doc price is added for each document over the maximum;

Each Additional Doc 1 – 8:                For billing, the cost of each additional document over the maximum;

Express Service:                        Enter the cost for Express service;

Comments:                                Enter comments about the matrix.

Once the matrix is set up, it works with the Product Code for billing.  These items are stored in the Preliendetail.dbf table and is accessible via the Mass Matrix Detail Entry/Update screen via the Main Menu / Mass Document A/R Entry/Update option.  Processing of these items into A/R Detail is done in the Post Mass Items to A/R Details screen via the Main Menu / Build Mass Printing A/R for Month option, which places them in the Ardetail.dbf table.

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