Property Verification System (PVS)

The FWM Software Property Verification System (PVS) is an Internet based system for the verification of ownership of property addresses. It displays the latest county records for supported counties in a state.

If you have set up a PVS account with FWM Software, LLC, and entered your account number and password on Page 8 of Lien Writer® Defaults, you can use this service. Via the Internet (which you must have running), the program will contact our property verification database and attempt to locate the listed ownership. Call FWM Software, LLC, to get your account and password at (530) 622-1344.

The program will attempt to calculate the correct street and county, but you may have to make corrections. Lookups can be done in the following fashion:

Address Search: Enter the Street name (Main, 47th, Cherryville, etc.) and type (Street, Avenue, Way, Lane, etc.), County and State (the program should have found these for you) and press OK. A list of all numbered addresses for the street will return, which you can check against your listed ownership. you need at least a street address to use this feature.

APN Search: Enter the Assessor's Parcel Number (APN), County and State and press OK.

Owner Search: Enter the Last or Business name of the party, and first name (optional, but restricts the search), County and State, and Press OK.

Do not be daunted if you get a large list. Street numbers are notoriously inaccurate in both your customer submissions and the County records. What you are looking for generally is proof of ownership for your site by for the alleged owner. If it is not there, you either have an address not yet registered in the database (possible, but our records are usually no more than a month out), one of the small counties in the USA where the address is not on-line (very few of these now) or the ownership has not been listed correctly.

Step by Step:

1) Make sure you are logged on to the Internet via your normal carrier;

2) On the Project tab of the Lien Writer® Current Job entry screen, press the verfiy Property button;

3) Log onto the Value Web System with you account number and password;

4) Enter your property data in the appropriate fields and submit your request;

5) The report you will normally run under your contract is the Subject Report That will cost you one unit of your contract. Do not run the HPI Report ($15.00, compares nearbys) or the Valuepoint Report ($25.00 assesses true value of property) unless you want them.

6) Remember: Computers will attempt to look for what you direct, literally. If you cannot find an address, try removing the road type (Street, Avenue, Lane, etc.) and either try a range of street addresses (500-600 instead of 525) or no street number at all. Try county / state instead of zip code. All depends on the accuracy of the county government records, so try several ways to get the same result.

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