Print Invoices in Lien Writer® Pro

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Once Lien Writer┬« Pro has prepared AR detail for a particular Invoice Month that has not been previously billed (the billed field in the A/R Detail Entry/Update screen is unchecked), those items can be grouped by the Bill to code into invoices.   Processing for the invoice is fairly simple:

Invoice Month:                        Enter Year-Month for invoices.  Must be legal in a format of YYYY-MM.  If the invoices have been generated                                                previously, you can press the RESTORE BILLING field to uncheck the records for the stated year month;

Accounting Date:                        Enter what will be the Invoice date;

Bill to Code (Single Report):        If you only want to print a single invoice, enter a Bill To account code.  By the way, this invoice will print whether                                                the Billing checkbox is checked or not;

Print Client Invoice(s):                Check if invoices are to be printed. You can run the posting separate from the printing of invoices to review                                                invoices first;

Post Monthly Invoices:                Check this box if you want the Monthly Invoices posted (i.e. the Billed field is checked in A/R Detail).  You can                                                run the posting separate from the printing of invoices to review invoices first;

Print to Screen Only:                Check this if you want to print the invoice report to the screen first;

Printer to Use:                        Current printer to use is displayed.  If you want to change the printer, press the Printer icon.

Set Printer Page Orientation:        Change the printer orientation from Portrait to Landscape, if desired;

Restore Billing?:                        This button will uncheck the Billed field in AR Detail for the specifiied Year-Month period so billing can be done                                                again.

The resulting invoice in Portrait format can be folded and dropped into a Window #10 envelope.

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