I have taken my lien claim as far as I can, and now I must perfect it. How do I find an attorney to perfect the claim?

You can hire any attorney in the county of the state where the property is located. However, rates vary greatly and so does the quality of the attorney services. Another option is to use one of the Lien Processing service, Collection Agency or Collection Attorney. The following are approved by PASE Software, and can perfect lien and bond claims in a variety of the United States, U.S. possessions and Canada. Be sure to mention our name and that you use Lien Writer® when you call, as some have discounts and programs for Lien Writer® users:

Marshall & Marshall
Darrell Stobaugh
9333 Crowley Road
Fort Worth TX 76134
Telephone: (817) 551-9090
Fax: (817)551-7878
Covers: All 50 States

NCS Construction Services Corporation
Attn: Customer Service
PO Box 24101
Cleveland, OH 44124
Telephone: (800) 826-5256
Fax: (216) 461-6202 
Covers: All 50 States

Contractor’s Data Service
Attn: Cheryl Morris
3528 Patterson Way
El Dorado Hills, CA 95630
Telephone: (916) 642-8085
Fax: (916) 642-8086 
Covers: California 

Fennell & Olsen
Jeffrey G. Olsen
1455 Response Road, #250
Sacramento, CA 95815
Telephone: (916) 920-4444
Fax: (916) 920-4445
Covers: California

Quintrall & Associates
Attn: Albert F. Quintrall, Esq.
402 West Broadway, #1700
San Diego, CA 92101-3551
Telephone: (619) 233-8119
Fax: (619) 233-9240
Covers: CA, NV, CO

Receivables Unlimited
Attn: Bill Barrat
1846 Porter Street SW
Wyoming, MI 49509
Telephone: (800) 874-7821
Fax: (513) 793-1838 
Covers: Michigan 

National Lien and Bond Service
Attn: Howard Bain
660 La Salle Place 
Highland Park, IL 60035
Telephone: (708) 432-9191
Fax: (708) 432-8950
Covers: All 50 States 

Wickwire Gavin
Attn: Kayhan M. Fatemi
444 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2912
Telephone: (213) 688-9500
Fax: (213) 627-6342
Covers: CA, DC, MA, MN, PA, VA, WI

Stanton, Kay & Watson Construction
Attn: Elmer R. Malakoff
7801 Folsom Blvd., #350
Sacramento, CA 95826
Telephone: (916) 381-7861
Fax: (916) 381-7880 
Covers: Northern California 

Collection Svcs.
Attn: Richard Pariseau
PO Box 261279
San Diego, CA 92196-1279
Telephone: (619) 689-2675
Fax: (619) 689-2414
Covers: All Western States

Colemen, Lee and Associates, Inc.
Kelly Townsend
931 E. Southern Ave., Ste 203
Mesa AZ 85204
Telephone: (480) 558-3505
Fax: (480) 558-3527
Covers: All 50 States

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