New Jersey
Bond or Lien Claim Release-Private Work

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Document Title: Construction Lien Claim Release

Scope: State of New Jersey, Private Works.

Time Constraints: Before releasing any claim, obtain a copy of the filed Construction Lien Claim for specifics.

Construction Lien Claim Release: The Construction Lien Claim Release must be filed within 30 days of the final, verified payment on the Construction Lien Claim.  Failure to do so could result in a legal action by the Owner against the Claimant.  This is expensive, of course, and in any case if the Claimant has not filed a release within13 months of payment in full of his claim the Owner may now unilaterally have the lien discharged by the filing of an Owner (or Community Association) Affidavit of Payment to Discharge Lien Claim (not included in Lien Writer®).

Information Requirements: Program information and information for Exhibits A-D.

Form Types: Construction Lien Claim Release and Exhibit’s A-D, if needed.

Procedures: Prepare your documents using the required information. After filing, within ten days serve a copy of the Construction Lien Claim Release on the Owner.

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