Notice of Intent to File a Lien or Bond Claim-Private Work

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Description: Notice of Intent to File a Lien or Bond Claim.

Scope: State of Maryland, Private Works.

Time Constraints: This notice must be served on the owners, and sureties within 120 days of last furnishing labor, materials or services by certified mail or personal delivery.

Further, your claim for repaired, rebuilt or improved

real property must be at least 15% of the value of the

property to enforce your lien.

Information Requirements: Program information.

Form Types: Notice of Intent to File a Lien, Stop Notice or Bond Claim and Exhibits A-D, if needed.

Procedures: Serve copies of the prepared forms by certified mail or personal service on the owner and sureties (if known). If within 180 days of the last furnishing of labor, materials or services you have still not been paid in full, you must file your lien claim (See Maryland Bond or Lien Claim, Private Works, memo for more information).

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