Locating Records in the Lien Programs®

There are 3 main ways to find your records in your Lien Program® other than scrolling through the current jobs one by one.

The easiest is by using the quick search feature. While in the Current Jobs File or History File right click with your mouse. This will bring up a find by box. Select how you want to find your record, enter the information and hit enter. The Lien Program® will take you right to that record.

The second method is by using the Locate button on the right hand side of the data files. This is available in all the separate databases in the Lien Program®. Just click the locate key and this will bring up the file listing box. If you hold you cursor over the column you wish to sort and click the Lien Program® will sort the browse screen data first numericly and then alphabetically. Choose the record you want, click on it, and then press Select. Locate buttons are available to you in all the databases, such as History File, Reference File, Zip Code File, and Current Jobs File. 

The third way to search is the Key Word SEARCH button available in all the separate databases. This is a match case search for finding specific names or reference numbers. The search takes the longest, but can find just about anything.

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