Lien Programs® Defined and Upgrading Info

FWM Software has a number of programs related to the Mechanic’s Lien Laws of the United States, Possessions and Canada. Collectively throughout the Help Files we call them the Lien Programs®, but depending on what program you purchased they have a different array of purposes and features. This is a review of the various programs currently available. Prices are not quoted. Call your salesperson at FWM Software, (530) 622-1344, for the latest pricing information:

Lien Writer® Lite: This is our least expensive mainline product. It does Information Requests, Preliminary Notices, Notices to Owner, Notice of Furnishing, Lien Waivers and Releases and a number. For one company and one state. Does not do network installations or multiple users, nor does it have electronic data interchange via the Internet;

Lien Writer®: Our flagship product, with the most installations. Does all Mechanic Lien paperwork, including Preliminary Notices, Notices to Owner, Notices of Furnishing, Lien Waivers and Releases, Lien Warning Notices, Mechanic’s Liens, Mechanic’s Lien Extensions, Mechanic’s Lien Releases, Stop Notices, Joint Check Agreements, Promissory Notices, pretty much anything involved with the Mechanic’s Lien process for any one of the 50 United States, 11 Canadian provinces, or any of the U.S. Territories. You can do work for a single company. Net workable, multi-user, and has electronic data interchange via the Internet. If you are a lien processing service, this is the minimum program you should have from us;

Lien Writer® Multi-State: Same as Lien Writer®, but you have access to all 50 United States, all 11 Canadian Provinces, and all U.S. Terrorities, and for unlimited companies;

Lien Writer Pro®: This program has all the features of Lien Writer® Multi-State, plus it can track client submissions and printings, and invoice and bill clients for the work you do for them in a variety of ways. All you have to do is set the client up, print their work on demand, and bill at the end of the month. Saves days of work trying to bill by hand;

Lien Releaser®: This program is generally used with the Lien Writer Pro® with Internet as a port for work from a client or by small General Contractors. It does Lien Waivers and Releases only for all 50 states. If you are a small General Contractor, you can do releases for yourself or your subcontractors and suppliers, and track the work, as you need. If you are a lien processing service, you offer this program (under license from us) to your clients as a means of supplying information to you for processing. In return, they get to use the program to do their own Lien Waivers and Releases on demand. Everyone makes out!;

Lien Releaser Pro®: This program again is generally used by lien processing services and General Contractors for the same reasons noted in the Lien Releaser® description, but Lien Releaser Pro® adds the ability to do Lien Warning Notices, Mechanic’s Liens, Mechanic’s Lien Extensions, Mechanic’s Lien Releases, Stop Notices, Joint Check Agreements and Promissory Notices. For the General Contractor, this pretty much covers anything he has to do in regards to a delinquent client. For the preliminary notice service it is a way to sweeten a deal for a client since the client is doing work the preliminary notice service (which does not do liens) is not doing anyway.

All of the Lien Program® products are licensed per computer. A program may only be used on one station and one server per installation. Multi-user licenses are available at low cost.

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