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The program invoice is set up with a file called DUMMY.bmp on the start location for the program (usually c:\program files\lien program\ ).  This file is a ‘spacer’ for the real logo you will want to replace.  Image size is 510 x 165 pixels, or 5.291 x 1.712 inches, aspect ratio of 3.0909 to 1.  It will print resized on the invoice to a 2 ¾ x ¾ inches space automatically (the larger design size is for the convenience of designers).

Take a copy of the DUMMY.bmp file, and modify it to your own design with your log and/or Company name, stay within the size parameters.  Save it as COMPANY.bmp (saving DUMMY.bmp for future reference) in the same start folder (again usually c:\program files\lien program\ ), and the Lien Writer Pro® program will know what to do.  Within these parameters, your logo file can look any way you desire.

For the invoices to print correctly, make sure your logo file, COMPANY.bmp, is the same aspect ratio, type and location as the DUMMY.bmp file!  Especially changing the aspect ratio can have some unusual results!

Do note that the logo is intended to have a graphic (your choice) and your company name.  Your address, telephone number and e-mail address are printed below the logo on the invoice, but otherwise the design is your choice.  The invoice is intended to be folded into a common #10 single or double pane envelope for mailing.

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