Import/Export File Formats

Lien Program® File formats

 The following are the current data file structures for the various Lien Program® data files, for use with all other data formats but the Old Lien Writer format. If your data comes in this structure it will import. Note: Excel, DBF and CSV files do require a file header list for correct importing of their file records. If your data is going to be raw text, use the Comma or Tab delimited formats. If you do use the latter formats, however, you must have either data or empty quotes (“”) for all table fields whether you have data or not in the order listed below.


C          Character

D          Date (text to date.  Formats allowed DY/MN/YEAR or DY/MN/YEAR)

N          Number (text to number)

L          Logical (T or F to field)

Further Notices on Comma and Tab delimited files: Each field is separated by a comma or tab, and a record terminates with a carriage return (CHR(13) / line feed (CHR(10). All data must be within quotes (“”) text or numeric. Dates can be in a format of “mm/dd/yr” or “mm/dd/year”. Logical fields should be T for true (checked) or F for false (unchecked). The Lien Program® handles all other conversions. Many computer systems and accounting packages now offer this export formats:


You do not need to cover all 198 fileds listed for the Current Jobs / History tables, but you must have a space for every field to be imported.

Special Note for CSV, Delimited and SDK format export / import:: DBF files cannot export or import memo fields to these types of files.  Ergo, the fields for these field types are always at the end of the database table as not to cause confusion.  While the current size of a table is maybe 198 fields, only 191 fields will import or export.  The seven memo fields at the end will not.

Field#        Field Name           Field Description                 Field Type           Field Length         Notes

1)            co_code              Company Code                             C                    10            Must Match Company Codes in program

2)            willprint            Mark to Print                            L                                  Mark to print; is set by import in program (T or F)

3)            customer             Customer name                            C                    45            This is the person you are working for

4)            cust_no              Customer account number/code             C                    16            Customer Account Number

5)            cust_strt            Customer street address                  C                    45            Customer Street Address

6)            cust_city            Customer City                            C                    25            Customer City

7)            cust_state           Customer State                           C                    2             Customer State

8)            cust_zip             Customer Zip Code                        C                    10            Customer Zip Code

9             cust_name            Customer Contact Name                    C                    45            Primary Contact Name (not required, use empty field)

10)           cust_phone           Customer Telephone                       C                    14            Customer Telephone Number

11)           po                   Customers P.O. Number                    C                    16            Customers P.O., not yours!!

12)           job                  Your job or invoice number               C                    16            Your Job number, not the customers!!

13)           ar_no                A/R Number                               C                    16            Was for Mainframes, now a free use field

14)           file_no              File number                              C                    10            File number. Program can auto-assign for you.

15)           project              Project/Property name                    C                    45            Name of the project (Proj_attn and Proj_attn2, below)

16)           location             Location (state or US for Federal)       C                    2             Either State name or use US for Federal Job

17)           apn                  Assessors or Clerks Property Number      C                    64            Number used by County/Parish agency

18)           est_amt              Estimated Amount of Sale                 N                    11, 2         Best guess on your cost

19)           proj_strt            Project/Property Street Address          C                    45            Project Address

20)           proj_city            Project/Property City                    C                    25            Project City

21)           proj_state           Project/Property State                   C                    2             Project State

22)           proj_zip             Project/Property Zip                     C                    10            Project Zip Code

23)           owner                Project/Property Owner Name              C                    45            Owner of Project, or Public Entity

24)           own_strt             Project/Property Owner Street Address    C                    45            Owner Street Address

25)           own_city             Project/Property Owner City              C                    25            Owner City

26)           own_state            Project/Property Owner State             C                    2             Owner State

27)           own_zip              Project/Property Owner Zip               C                    10            Owner Zip Code

28)           gen_con              General Contractor Name                  C                    45            General/Direct Contractor Name

29)           gen_strt             General Contractor Street Address        C                    45            General/Direct Contractor Street Address

30)           gen_city             General Contractor City                  C                    25            General/Direct Contractor City

31)           gen_state            General Contractor State                 C                    2             General/Direct Contractor State

32            gen_zip              General Contractor Zip                   C                    10            General/Direct Contractor Zip Code

33)           lender               Lender/Surety Name                       C                    45            Lender/Surety Name

34)           lend_strt            Lender/Surety Street Address             C                    45            Lender/Surety Street Address

35)           lend_city            Lender City                              C                    25            Lender/Surety City

36)           lend_state           Lender State                             C                    2             Lender/Surety State

37)           lend_zip             Lender Zip                               C                    10            Lender/Surety Zip Code

38)           acct_bond            Lender/Surety Account #                  C                    16            Lender/Surety Account #

39)           pre_lien             Preliminary Notice Printing Date         D                                 Assigned by program normally

40)           shipped Date         You Started / Delivered                  D                                 This is the date the service was delivered

41)           complete             Date You Completed                       D                                 This is the date the service was completed

42)           job_comp             Date the Job was finished                D                                 Date job was finished

43)           not_comp             Notice of Completion Date                D                                 Date of the Notice of Completion

44)           lien_rel             Date of last Lien Waiver and Release     D                                 Assigned by program normally

45)           lr_type              Type of last Lien Waiver and Release     C                    2             Assigned by program normally

46)           bal_due              Current Real Balance Due                 N                    11, 2         This is the actual money currently owed

47)           mo_bill              Send releases during a time period       L                                 Normally set to “F”, else “T”

48)           pubjob               Public Job                               L                                 Public State or Federal Job,set to “F”, or “T”

49)           last_date            Date last worked account                 D                                 Records last date of work on account

50)           next_call            Date calendared for next call            D                                 Set a followup date

51)           own_attn             Owner Attn / 2nd Owner Name line         C                    45            2nd line for Owner Name

52)           proj_attn            Project Attn / 2nd Project Name line     C                    45            2nd line for Project Name (see Proj_attn2 for 3rd line)

53)           gen_attn             General Attn / 2nd General Name line     C                    45            2nd line for General Name

54)           lend_attn            Lender Attn / 2nd Lender Name line       C                    45            2nd line for Lender Name

55)           cust_attn            Customer Attn/2nd Customer Name line     C                    45            2nd line for Customer Name

56)           proj_name            Project Contact Name                     C                    45            Project Contact Name

57)           own_name             Owner Contact Name                       C                    45            Customer Contact Name

58)           gen_name             General Contact Name                     C                    45     `       General/Direct Contractor Name

59)           lend_name            Lender Contact Name                      C                    45            Lender Contact Name

60)           gen_con_no           General Contract Number                  C                    16            General’s Contract Number, if known

61)           own_con_no           Owner Contract Number                    C                    16            Owner’s Contract Number, if known

62)           entry_date           Date Record Entered                      D                                 Normal done by program at Import

63)           multilien            Note if additional Liening parties       L                                 Use “T” if importing additional Liening Parties, else “F”

64)           add_part             Note if additional Legal parties         L                                 Use “T” only if importing additional Legal Parties, else “F”

65)           cycle                Billing cycle                            C                    2             Use with mo_bill to set a billing cycle number

66)           sub_verfiy           Verfiy Information                       L                                 Set to “F” as for work within program, else “T”

67)           texno                Texas Notice Number                      N                    2, 0          Set to 1 for Import

68)           certified            Certified Number                         N                    18, 0         Set to 0

69)           county               County / Parish Name                     C                    45            Project County

70)           paid                 Job Paid?                                L                                 Set to “F” for Import, else “T”

71)           cust_fax             Customer Fax Number                      C                    14            Format of (nnn) nnn-nnnn

72)           cust_cert            Send to Customer Certified Mail          L                                 Set to “T” only if sending a cert. customer notice, else “F”

73)           own_cert             Send to Owner Certified Mail             L                                 Set to “T” only if sending a cert. owner notice, else “F”

74)           gen_cert             Send to General Certified Mail           L                                 Set to “T” only if sending a cert. general notice, else “F”

75)           lend_cert            Send to Lender Certified Mail            L                                 Set to “T” only if sending a cert. lender/surety, else “F”

76)           certcust             Customer Certified Number                C                    27            Only if certified number imported, else blank

77)           certown              Owner Certified Number                   C                    27            Only if certified number imported, else blank

78)           certgen              General Certified Number                 C                    27            Only if certified number imported, else blank

79)           certlend             Lender Certified Number                  C                    27            Only if certified number imported, else blank

80)           reference            Reference Number                         N                    11, 0         Like File Number, set to 0 normally

81)           jntck                Send Joint Check Agreement Request       L                                 T adds joint check request language on Pre-Liens, else “F”

82)           cancelname           Cancel Name                              C                    30            Not used. Set to “”

83)           cancelcode           Cancel Code                              C                    10            Not used. Set to “”

84)           canceldate           Cancel Date                              D                                 Not used. Set to “”

85)           sent                 Sent                                     L                                 Not used. Set to “F”

86)           updated              Updated                                  D                                 Not used. Set to “”

87)           trans                Transactions                             N                    6, 0          Not used. Set to “0”

88)           fed                  Is federal job                           L                                 Set to “T” if Federal Job, else “F”

89)           rec_id               Record ID Number                         C                    12            Set to “”. Program does this

90)           residential          Is residential (non-commercial) job?     L                                 Check T if residential job, , else “F”

91)           verified             Verified Job                             L                                 Set to “F”, else “T”

92)           ocharges             Overcharges                              N                    11, 2         Set to “0.00”

93)           station              Station                                  C                    20            Set by import, else use “”

94)           luser1               User 1                                   L                                 Set to “F”

95)           luser2               User 2                                   L                                 Set to “F”

96)           luser3               User 3                                   L                                 Set to “F”

97)           tfield1              Text Field 1                             C                    45            Set to “”

98)           tfield2              Text Field 2                             C                    45            Set to “”

99)           tfield3              Text Field 3                             C                    45            Set to “”

100)          tfield4              Text Field 4                             C                    45            Set to “”

101)          tfield5              Text Field 5                             C                    45            Set to “”

102)          tfield6              Text Field 6                             C                    45            Set to “”

103)          tfield7              Text Field 7                             C                    45            Set to “”

104)          tfield8              Text Field 8                             C                    45            Set to “”

105)          nfield1              Numeric Field 1                          N                    10, 2         Set to “0.00”

106)          nfield2              Numeric Field 2                          N                    10, 2         Set to “0.00”

107)          nfield3              Numeric Field 3                          N                    10, 2         Set to “0.00”

108)          dfield1              Date Field 1                             D                                 Set to “”

109)          dfield2              Date Field 2                             D                                 Set to “”

110)          dfield3              Date Field 3                             D                                 Set to “”

111)          enter_by             Entry Name                               C                    10            Entry name. Can set to “”

112)          verifier             Verifier Name                            C                    10            Set to “”

113)          change_by            Changed by Name                          C                    10            Set to “”

114)          exprs_srv            Express Service                          L                                 Set to “F”

115)          status               Status Setting                           C                    1             Set to “”

116)          custphone            Customer Phone                           C                    14            Format of (nnn) nnn-nnnn

117)          ownphone             Owner Phone                              C                    14            Format of (nnn) nnn-nnnn

118)          genphone             General Phone                            C                    14            Format of (nnn) nnn-nnnn

119)          lendphone            Lender Phone                             C                    14            Format of (nnn) nnn-nnnn

120)          order_date           Order Date                                D                                 Set to “”

121)          no_fee               No Fee Charged                           L                                 Set to “F”

122)          rtn_rcpt             Return Receipt                           L                                 Set to “F”

123)          ovr_price            Over Regular Price                       N                    10, 2         Set to “0.00”

124)          reprint_o            Reprint Owner                            L                                 Set to “F”

125)          reprint_l            Reprint Lender                           L                                 Set to “F”

126)          reprint_c            Reprint Customer                         L                                 Set to “F”

127)          reprint_g            Reprint General                          L                                 Set to “F”

128)          prn_cust             Customer Printed?                        L                                 Set to “F”

129)          prn_own              Owner Printed?                           L                                 Set to “F”

130)          prn_gen              General Printed?                         L                                 Set to “F”

131)          prn_lend             Lender/Surety Printed?                   L                                 Set to “F”

132)          autoseq              Autosequence Number                      C                    30            Set to “”, program will fill

133)          nextact              Next Acttion                             C                    70            Set to “’

134)          ownfax               Owner Fax Number                         C                    14            Format of (nnn) nnn-nnnn

135)          genfax               General Fax Number                       C                    14            Format of (nnn) nnn-nnnn

136)          lendfax              Lender Fax Number                        C                    14            Format of (nnn) nnn-nnnn

137)          lw_date              Lien Warning Notice Date                 D                                 Set to””

138)          lien_date            Mechanic’s Lien Date                     D                                 Set to “”

139)          ext_date             Lien Extension Date                      D                                 Set to “”

140)          lr_date              Lien Waiver and Release                  D                                 Set to “”

141)          stop_date            Stop Notice Date                         D                                 Set to “”

142)          bond_date            Bond Claim Filing Date                   D                                 Set to “”

143)          notcom1st            Notice of Commencement First             L                                 Set to “F”

144)          buildper             Building Permit                          C                    40            Set to “”

145)          equipment            Equipment Lease                          L                                 Set “T” if equipment lease/rent, else “F”

146)          contractdate         Contact Date                             D                                 Set to “”

147)          prof_svs             Professional Services                    L                                 Set to “F”

148)          isbonded             Is bonded job                            L                                 Set to “T” if bonded job, else “F”

149)          process              Process                                  L                                 Set to F, else T;

150)          eupdate              Electronic Update                        L                                 Set to F, else T

151)          proj_cntry           Project Country                          C                    45            Project Country

152)          cust_cntry           Customer Country                         C                    45            Customer Country

153)          own_cntry            Owner Country                            C                    45            Owner Country

154)          gen_cntry            General Country                          C                    45            General Country

155)          lend_cntry           Lender Country                           C                    45            Lender Country

156)          cust_emai            Customer Email                           C                    170           Customer Email

157)          gen_email            General Email                            C                    170           General Email

158)          own_email            Owner Email                              C                    170           Owner Email

159)          lend_email           Lender Email                             C                    170           Lender Email

160)          submit               Submit                                   L                                 Set to F else T

161)          downloadid           Download ID                              C                    30            Set to “”

162)          l_guid               GUID KEY                                 C                    50            GUID key number, program will create, set to “”

163)          a_guid               GUID KEY                                 C                    50            GUID key number, program will create, set to””

164)          j_guid               GUID KEY                                 C                    50            GUID key number, program will create, set to “”

165)          amt_paid             Amount Paid So Far                       N                    11, 2         Amount Paid so far, usually 0.00 at import

166)          last_pay             Last Pay                                 N                    11, 2         Amount Last Paid, usually 0.00 at import

167)          certcustlw           Customer LW Certified #                  C                    27            Customer Lien Warning Certified #, blank at import

168)          certownlw            Owner LW Certified #                     C                    27            Owner Lien Warning Certifed #, blank at import

169)          certgenlw            General LW Certified #                   C                    27            General Lien Warning Certfied #, blank at import

170)          certlendlw           Lender/Surety Certified #:               C                    27            Lender Lien Warning Certified #, blank at import

171)          certcustln           Customer Mech. Lien Certified #          C                    27            Customer Mech. Lien Certified #, blank at import

172)          certownln            Owner Mech. Lien Certified #             C                    27            Owner Mech. Lien Certified #, blank at import

173)          certgenln            General Mech. Lien Certified #           C                    27            General Mech. Lien Certified #, blank at import

174)          certlendln           Lender/Surety Mech. Lien Cert, #         C                    27            Lender/Surety Mech. Lien Certified #, blank at import

175)          al®arked            Alt. Marked Field                        L                                 Alt. Marked field

176)          lendtype             Lender Type                              N                    1             Lender Type for printing

177)          retainage            Texas Retainage Amount                   N                    11, 2         Texas Retainage Amount

178)          lesseewarn           Lessee Lien Warning                      L                                 Set to F, else T

179)          lessee               Lessee Preliminary Notice                L                                 Set to F, else T

180)          usa_nal              USA Native American Land                 L                                 USA Native American Land

181)          voucher              Voucher                                  C                    25            Voucher #

182)          relationsp           Relationship to Parties                  C                    35            Relationship of claimant to parties

183)          newres               New Residental Job                       L                                 Set to statue of new job, T for yes, F for no

184)          region               Region Code                              C                    32            Company region(s)

185)          firstreq             First Request Date                       D                                 First Request Date

186)          secondreq            Second Request Date                      D                                 Second Request Date

187)          firstcll             First Call Date                          D                                 First Call Date

188)          secondcll            Second Call Date                         D                                 Second Call Date

189)          shipped2             Ship to Date (TX Only)                   D                                 Shipped to date (TX only)

190)          proj_attn2           Project Attention 3                      C                    45            Project Attention 3  (see fields project and proj_attn, above)

191)          id_num               ID #                                     C                    40            Identification number for record.  Used with Electronic Transmission

192)          cust_mem             Customer Notes, memo field               M                                 Customer notes. Normally not used

193)          trust_mem            Trust Fund information, memo field       M                                 Information on Trust Funds.

194)          prop_mem             Property Description, memo field         M                                 Information on Property Location

195)          labma®em            Extended Labor Material memo field       M                                 Labor Material Memo

196)          instructs            Instructions                             M                                 Not used. Set to “”

197)          unotes               Memo Field                               M                                 Not used. Set to “”

198)          acc®emo             Account Memo                             M                                 Set to “”


Field#        Field Name           Field Description                 Field Type           Field Length         Notes

1)            company              Liening Company Name                     C                    35            This is the Company ordering

2)            co_str               Liening Company street address           C                    35            Company Street

3)            co_city              Liening Company City                     C                    25            Company City

4)            est_amt              Estimated amount of claim                N                    11, 2         Estimated Amount

5)            job                  Liening Company job number               C                    40            Job #

6)            customer             Customer who is making claim             C                    45            This is the party making claim against you

7)            cust_attn            Customer attention                       C                    45            Customer Attention

8)            cust_strt            Customer Street                          C                    45            Customer Street

9)            cust_city            Customer City                            C                    25            Customer City

10)           cust_state           Customer State                           C                    2             Customer State

11)           cust_zip             Customer Zip                             C                    10            Customer Zip Code

12)           po                   Customer P.O. number                     C                    16            Payment Order #

13)           co_attn              Company Attention                        C                    45            Company Attention

14)           co_state             Company State                            C                    2             Company State

15)           co_zip               Company Zip                              C                    10            Company Zip Code

16)           bal_due              Actual Balance Due on claim              N                    11, 2         Balance Due

17)           paid                 Is claim pay                             L                                 Set to “T” if true, else “F”

18)           entry_date           Entry date of claim against you          D                                 Entry Date of Claim

19)           certcomp             Certified Number for Company             C                    27            Set to “”

20)           certcust             Certified Number for Customer            C                    27            Set to “”

21)           comp_cert            Print notice Certified                   L                                 Set to “F”

22)           cust_cert            Print notice Certified                   L                                 Set to “F”

23)           labmat               Labor/Material Description               C                    80            Labor/Material Desc.

24)           job_find             Job / Invoice number of master record    C                    16            You must include to tie to main record

25)           lien_id              Lien ID #                                C                    50            Set to “”

26)           rec_id               Record ID                                C                    50            Set to “”

27)           amt_paid             Amount Paid to Date                      N                    11, 2         Amount Paid so far

28)           last_pay             Last payment                             N                    11, 2         Last Payment Amount

29)           shipped              Date Services/Product Delivered          D                                 Date of Delivery

30)           job_comp             Date Services/Product Finished           D                                 Date Job Finished

31)           rel_rec              Date Release Done                        D                                 Date Release Done

32)           cust_phone           Customer Phone                           C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

33)           cust_fax             Customer Fax                             C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

34)           co_phone             Company Phone                            C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

35)           co_fax               Company Fax                              C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

36)           co_email             Company Email                            C                    170           Email Site

37)           cust_email           Customer Email                           C                    170           Email Site

38)           cust_cntry           Customer Country                         C                    45            Customer Country

39)           co_cntry             Company Country                          C                    45            Company Country

40)           lien_rel             Lien Release Date                        D                                 Lien Release Date

41)           lr_type              Lien Release Type                        C                    2             Lien Release Type



Field#        Field Name           Field Description                 Field Type           Field Length         Notes

1)            owner                Additional Owner                         C                    45            Additional Owner

2)            own_attn             Additional Owner Attn                    C                    45            Additional Owner Attn

3)            own_strt             Additional Owner Street                  C                    45            Additional Owner Street

4)            own_city             Additional Owner City                    C                    25            Additional Owner City

5)            own_state            Additional Owner State                   C                    2             Additional Owner State

6)            own_zip              Additional Owner Zip                     C                    10            Additional Owner Zip Code

7)            gen_con              Additional General Contractor            C                    45            Additional General Contractor

8)            gen_attn             Additional General Attn                  C                    45            Additional General Attn.

9)            gen_strt             Additional General Street                C                    45            Additional General Street

10)           gen_city             Additional General City                  C                    25            Additional General City

11)           gen_state            Additional General State                 C                    2             Additional General State

12)           gen_zip              Additional General Zip                   C                    10            Additional General Zip Code

13)           lender               Additional Lender/Surety                 C                    45            Additional Lender/Surety

14)           lend_attn            Additional Lender/Surety Attn            C                    45            Additional Lender/Surety Attn.

15)           lend_strt            Additional Lender Street                 C                    45            Additional Lender/Surety Street

16)           lend_city            Additional Lender City                   C                    25            Additional Lender/Surety City

17)           lend_state           Additional Lender State                  C                    2             Additional Lender/Surety State

18)           lend_zip             Additional Lender Zip                    C                    10            Additional Lender/Surety Zip

19)           own_con_no           Additional Owner Contract Number         C                    40            Additional Owner Contract #

20)           gen_con_no           Additional General Contract Number       C                    40            Additional Gen. Con. Contract #

21)           acct_bond            Additional Lender Contract Number        C                    40            Additional Lender/Surety Con. #

22)           own_cert             Send Owner Certified                     L                                 Set to “F”

23)           gen_cert             Send General Certified                   L                                 Set to “F”

24)           lend_cert            Send Lender Certified                    L                                 Set to “F”

25)           certown              Owner Certified #                        C                    27            Set to “”

26)           certgen              General Certified #                      C                    27            Set to “”

27)           certlend             Lender Certified #                       C                    27            Set to “”

28)           job_find             Job / Invoice number of master record    C                    16            You must include to tie to main record

29)           lgl_id               Legal Record ID                          C                    50            Set to “”

30)           rec_id               Primary Record ID                        C                    50            Set to “”

31)           reprint_o            Reprint Owner                            L                                 Set to “F”

32)           reprint_l            Reprint Lender                           L                                 Set to “F”

33)           reprint_g            Reprint General                          L                                 Set to “F”

34)           entry_date           Entry Date                               D                                 Set to “”. Program sets date

35)           prn_own              Print Owner?                             L                                 Set to “F”

36)           prn_gen              Print General                            L                                 Set to “F”

37)           prn_lend             Print Lender                             L                                 Set to “F”

38)           ownphone             Additional Owner Phone                   C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

39)           genphone             Additional General Phone                 C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

40)           lendphone            Additional Lender Phone                  C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

41)           ownfax               Additional Owner Fax                     C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

42)           genfax               Additional General Fax                   C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

43)           lendfax              Additional Lender Fax                    C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

44)           gen_email            Additional General Email                 C                    170           Additional General Email

45)           own_email            Additional Owner Email                   C                    170           Additional Owner Email

46)           lend_email           Additinoal Lender Email                  C                    170           Additional Owner Email

47)           own_cntry            Additional Owner Country                 C                    45            Additional Owner Country

48)           gen_cntry            Additional General Country               C                    45            Additional General Country

49)           lend_cntry           Additional Lender/Surety                 C                    45            Additional Lender Country

50)           certownlw            Add. Own. Certified # LW                 C                    27            Add. Own. Certified # LW

51)           certgenlw            Add. Gen. Certified # LW                 C                    27            Add. Gen. Certified # LW

52)           certlendlw           Add. Lend. Certified # LW                C                    27            Add. Lend. Certified # LW

53)           certownln            Add. Own. Certified # ML                 C                    27            Add. Own. Certified # ML

54)           certgenln            Add. Gen. Certified # ML                 C                    27            Add. Gen. Certified # ML

55)           certlendln           Add. Lend. Certified # ML                C                    27            Add. Lend. Certified ML

56)           lessee               Additional Lessee #                      L                                 Additional Lessee #

57)           voucher              Additional Voucher #                     C                    25            Additional Voucher #



You do not need to cover all 21 fileds listed for the Reference table, but you must have a space for every field to be imported.

Special Note for CSV, Delimited and SDK format export / import: DBF files cannot export or import memo fields to these types of files.  Ergo, the fields for these field types are always at the end of the database table as not to cause confusion.  While the current size of a table is maybe 21 fields, only 20 field will import or export.  The single memo field at the end will not.

Field#        Field Name           Field Description                 Field Type           Field Length         Notes

1)            customer             Reference Company Name                   C                    45            Reference Company Name

2)            cust_no              Reference Company Account #              C                    16            Reference Customer #

3)            cust_strt            Reference Company Street                 C                    45            Reference Company Street

4)            cust_city            Reference Company City                   C                    25            Reference Company City

5)            cust_state           Reference Company State                  C                    2             Reference Company State

6)            cust_zip             Reference Company Zip                    C                    10            Reference Company Zip

7)            cust_name            Reference Company Contact Name           C                    45            Reference Name

8)            cust_phone           Reference Company Phone                  C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

9)            cust_attn            Reference Company Attn                   C                    45            Reference Company Attn.

10)           cust_fax             Reference Fax Number                     C                    14            Format (nnn) nnn-nnnn

11)           cust_id              Customer ID #                            C                    50            Set to “”

12)           is_cust              Check if customer                        L                                 If customer “T”, else “F”

13)           is_own               Check if owner                           L                                 If owner “T” , else “F”

14)           is_gen               Check if General                         L                                 If General “T” , else “F”

15)           is_lend              Check if Lender                          L                                 If Lender/Surety “T” , else “F”

16)           is_sub               Check if Subcontractor                   L                                 If Subcontractor “T” , else “F”

17)           is_supp              Check if Supplier                        L                                 If Supplier “T” , else “F”

18)           cust_warn            Check if Customer is trouble             L                                 Will warn about selling

19)           cust_cntry           Reference Country                        C                    45            Reference Country

20)           cust_email           Reference Email                          C                    170           Reference Email

21)           cust_notes           Customer Notes                           M                                 Note Field, not used for most computers

During import, if the data is not in this format, it will not display correctly when using the Display Import option (see below).

Special Note: The Reference table requires that every reference have an account number. This field is particularly important if you are doing a Data Update. In the case of references, you can use the Data Update feature to import records from your company table that will 1) update the current record if an account number is found or 2) add the record as a new record if not. The Current Jobs/Liens, History, Other Liening Parties and Other Legal Parties tables use automatically generated and unique Record ID# numbers without user intervention.


You do not need to cover all 54 fields listed for the Company table, but you must have a space for every field to be imported.

Special Note for CSV, Delimited and SDK format export / import: DBF files cannot export or import memo fields to these types of files.  Ergo, the fields for these field types are always at the end of the database table as not to cause confusion.  While the current size of a table is maybe 54 fields, only 51 fields will import or export.  The three memo fields at the end will not.

Field#        Field Name           Field Description                 Field Type           Field Length         Notes

1)                     co_code                        Company Code                                      C                                  16                                 Company Code

2)                     company                       Company Name                                     C                                  45                                 Company Name

3)                     co_attn                         Company Name Attention                       C                                  45                                 2nd Line Company Name

4)                     co_str                           Company Street Address                        C                                  45                                 Company Street Address

5)                     co_city                          Company City                                        C                                  25                                 Company City Name

6)                     co_state                        Company State                                      C                                  2                                  Company State Name

7)                     co_zip                           Company Zip Code                                 C                                  10                                 Company Zip Code

8)                     co_phone                      Company Phone                                    C                                  14                                 Company Telephone Number

9)                     co_extention                  Company Extension                               C                                  14                                 Company Telephone Number Extension

10)                    co_fax                           Company Fax                                        C                                  14                                 Company Fax Number

11)                    co_name                       Company Signer                                    C                                  45                                 Company Signer Name

12)                    co_title                          Company Signer Title                             C                                  45                                 Company Signer Title

13)                    co_sec                          Company Mailer                                     C                                  45                                 Company Mailer Name

14)                    co_sect                         Company Mailer Title                              C                                  45                                 Company Mailer Title

15)                    co_contact                    Company Contact                                  C                                  45                                 Company Contact

16)                    labmat                          Labor and Materials Short Desc.             C                                  80                                 Labor and Materials Short Description

17)                    cointerest                      Company Interest Rate                           N                                  6, 3                               Company Interest Rate on Unpaid Accounts

18)                    co_export                      Company to be Exported                        L                                                                      Company to be exported (not used)

19)                    co_import                      Company to be Imported                         L                                                                      Company to be imported (not used)

20)                    co_bill_to                      Company Bill Code to Code                    C                                  16                                 Company Bill to Code (override Company Code in Billing

21)                    region                           Company region(s)                                 C                                  32                                 Company Regional Area (mulitple)

22)                    co_cr_hold                    Company Credit Card Hold                      L                                                                      Company Credit Card Hold (not used)

23)                    co_adj                           Company Adjus®ent                             N                                  11. 2                             Company Adjus®ent (Lien Writer Pro Only)

24)                    co_pmt                         Company Payment                                N                                  11, 2                             Company Payment Amount (Lien Writer Pro Only)

25)                    co_bill                           Company Billing Amount                        N                                  11, 2                             Company Billing Amount (Lien Writer Pro Only)

26)                    co_mbill                        Company Monthly Billing                        N                                  11, 2                             Company Monthly Billing Amount (Lien Writer Pro Only)

27)                    co_ratecd                      Company Rate Changes                         C                                  15                                 Company Rate Changes (Lien Writer Pro Only)

28)                    co_rate                         Company Rate                                       C                                  15                                 Company Rate (Lien Writer Pro Only)

29)                    co_age1                        Company Aging 1                                  N                                  11, 2                             Company Aging 1 (Lien Writer Pro Only)

30)                    co_age2                        Company Aging 2                                  N                                  11, 2                             Company Aging 2 (Lien Writer Pro Only)

31)                    co_age3                        Company Aging 3                                  N                                  11, 2                             Company Aging 3 (Lien Writer Pro Only)

32)                    co_age4                        Company Aging 4                                  N                                  11, 2                             Company Aging 4 (Lien Writer Pro Only)

33)                    co_id                            Company Unique ID                               C                                  50                                 Company Unique ID Number

34)                    co_lastbill                      Company Last Billing                             D                                                                      Company Last Billing (Lien Writer Pro Only)

35)                    co_balance                    Company Balance Due                           N                                  11, 2                             Company Balance Due (Lien Writer Pro Only)

36)                    co_default                     Company Set as Default             `           L                                                                      Company Set as Default

37)                    co_licno                        Company License No.                            C                                  30                                 Company License No. (Contractor / Subcontractor Only)

38)                    co_licstart                     Company License Start                          D                                                                      Company License Start Date (Contractor / Subcontractor Only)

39)                    co_licend                      Company License End                           D                                                                      Company License End Date (Contractor / Subcontractor Only)

40)                    co_gen                          Company is a general contractor             L                                                                      Company is a general contractor

41)                    co_sub                          Company is a subcontractor                   L                                                                      Company is a subcontractor

42)                    co_material                   Company is a material man                    L                                                                      Company is a material man (supplier)

43)                    co_equipment                Company is an equipment supplier          L                                                                      Company is an equipment supplier

44)                    co_profsv                       Company provides professional srvs.        L                                                                      Company provides professional services

45)                    co_bond                        Bond amount                                         N                                  11, 2                             Bond amount (of contractor / subcontractor)

46)                    co_cntry                        Company Country                                  C                                  45                                 Company Country (USA, Canada, US Territories)

47)                    co_email                       Company Email                                     C                                  170                               Company Email Address

48)                    co_cnemail                    Contract Email                                       C                                  170                               Contact Email Address

49)                    co_cnexntn                   Contact Extension                                 C                                  14                                 Contact Extension Number

50)                    co_cnfax                       Contact Fax                                          C                                  14                                 Contact Fax Number

51)                    co_cnphone                   Contract Phone                                      C                                  14                                 Contract Telephone Number

52)                    labma®em                   Labor and Materials Memo                      M                                                                     Labor and Materials long description memo

53)                    co_trust                        Trust Fund description                            M                                                                     Trust Fund Description

54)                    co_notes                       Company Notes                                     M                                                                     Company Notes

When exporting or importing records, you can opt to display the data being imported or exported before anything is done with the data. Pressing Import will accept the record, Skip will skip to the next record, Import Rest will accept the rest of the records without review and Cancel will abort the import or export. Display is particularly useful during import if you want to check if the data is ‘lining’ up accurately. Just use Import to make sure several of the records in a row are coming in correctly. If so, press Cancel to abort the import, then you can import again without the display option on with confidence.

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