How to Setup the Lien Programs®

Section 1: Registration

To start your Lien Program® click on Start on your desktop, go to programs menu, look for FWM Software program group and this will bring up Lien Program. Just click on Lien Program and this will take you into Lien Writer® or Lien Releaser® for the first time. 

Call (530) 622-1344 for your first registration number. You will be obtaining a Demo Registration number or a Full (paid) Registration number. Program Registration is the first screen you will come to upon entering the program. The program is defaulted to enter FWM Software, LLC’s information, so please edit the information to register the program to your company. After you have entered the program registration number click the button “Click here to run this Program” to continue. If you do not enter a registration number the program will run not run. As a demo version it will run for 30 days and then will lock up until you call for a paid registration number.

Continue through the other entry screens till you get to the Company Setup screen.

Section 2: Company Setup

Description of fields for Company Information

Company Code: The company code is what you will use in the Current Job files to select the company you want listed as the one that supplied materials or did work. In Lien Writer you have the ability to list unlimited companies. Note. Lien Writer Lite® Plus and Lien Writer® Lite are single state single company versions of Lien Writer® and only give you the ability to list one company.

Company: Your Company name.

2nd line Company: More room for your company or a DBA:

Street: Your Street Address

City: Your City

State: Your State

Zip: Your Zip

Phone: Your Phone Number, which will print only on certain documents in the program.

Fax: Your Fax Number, which will print only on certain documents in the program.

Signer: The authorized Signer of Notices in your Company.

Signer Title: The Title of the Signer.

Mailer: The individual who will mail the documents.

Mailer Title: The Title of the Mailer.

Interest: The Annual Interest Rate Your Company charges on late payments.

Labor & Materials: A brief description of what your company supplies or does i.e.… Labor and Materials.

After entering all of the above information click on continue and this will take you to printer setup.

Section 3: Printer Setup

The Printer setup screen will have a listing of all of the printers setup from you windows printer files. Just click on the arrow key to the right of the selection and select the printer you want the information to go to.

Below is a brief explanation of what each field represents.

Reports: What printer will print out the reports from Lien Writer®.

Pettit Forms: Pettit forms are a specially designed form for the preliminary notices in California, Arizona and Nevada. The forms come attached with green cards and are customized to your company. For more information on Pettit forms call FWM Software, LLC Customer Service.

Notices: What printer you want your notices, such as preliminary, releases, mechanics liens, to print to.

Labels: What printer you want your labels to print to.

After you have selected your printers just click on continue and Lien Writer® will go thru a process of re-indexing data files. When this is done it will take you to the Current Jobs File.

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