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Stop Notice or Stop Lending Notice Forms

Warning: All information contained within this data base is subject to change at any time by the various states and is not guaranteed in any way by FWM Software. Nor does FWM Software assume any liability or responsibility for it's content. Please use in conjunction with advice from your attorney.

Note: For specific information regarding stop notice and stop lending forms, please see the respective state listings for bond or lien claims.

Document Type: A Stop Notice or Stop Liening Notice is a notice claim to an owner, public entity or lender directing that person to withhold payment from a general or prime contractor, and to set the money aside to satisfy the claim. If the general or prime contractor is not owed any money, then the Stop Notice will have little or no effect.

In the states where Stop Notices are allowed, many creditors use them first to seize funds that may still be available before going to the expense of the Bond or Lien Claim. Sometimes the mere serving of the Stop Notice is enough to force payment.

The following states allow a Stop Notice or Stop Lending Notice to be served on the owner or lender of a project to prevent the further disbursement of funds to your customer until you are paid in full:

Private Works: AK CA FL MS NJ NM WA

Public Works: CA

In the states where they are allowed, Stop Notices or Stop Lending Notices are described in the respective Bond or Lien Claim descriptions.

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