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Specialty Letters

Warning: All information contained within this data base is subject to change at any time by the various states and is not guaranteed in any way by FWM Software. Nor does FWM Software assume any liability or responsibility for it's content. Please use in conjunction with advice from your attorney.

Note: For specific information on required specialty letters, see the state listings individually for more information.

Description: There are a number of specialty letters in Lien Writer® used with specific forms for giving notice for specific purposes. Print settings for these letters are set in Other Letters Setup, System Defaults option (Page 3) of the SETUP Main Menu option: By adjusting the margins and setting the Print Return Address field to 'N', you can use your own letterhead paper.

Bond Notice Letter (for Bond or Lien Claims): This letter is used to give the lender, surety or bonding company notice of your intent to make a claim against them and file suit, if necessary, to recover your claim. Use this letter whenever you make claims on these entities.

General Contractor Letter (for Joint Check Agreements): This letter is used to give the payer (usually the General Contractor) of a Joint Check Agreement notice of the agreement and a description of the purpose of the agreement with your customer. It is not required, but strongly recommended.

Notary Declaration (various documents): This is a standard notary declaration for authentication of documents. Where it prints without request it must be used to authenticate your document set. If a notary declaration is a selection in the print setup screen, it is optional and you may use as needed.

Owner Letter (for Preliminary Notices): This letter is used to give an owner an basic explanation of why a preliminary notice is being served upon them. This letter is required to be served on owners in the following states:

Private Works: +CA

Note: +Letter required only for subcontractors serving residential properties.

Petitt Forms (Preliminary Notices and Lien Warning Notices): These multi-part forms are printed by the Pettit Manifold Forms Company. The forms have several advantages over using Lien Writer®'s standard plain white paper forms. The forms come off the printer ready to mail with your certified return (green) card printed and ready to stick on the back of the mailer, so all you do is print your forms, separate them, attach the green card, post and mail. They require a dot-matrix printer capable of handling the multi-part form. See the manual for more information on ordering these forms.

Recorder Letter (various documents): This letter is a pre-printed notification to the local county (or borough or city, depending on the state) recorder's office that states your request to file with that office a particular document set. Where it prints without request you should use it to file your document set as required by state law. If printing is optional in the print setup screen use the letter only if required for a particular document set under the required conditions.

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