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Lien Warning Notice Forms

Warning: All information contained within this data base is subject to change at any time by the various states and is not guaranteed in any way by FWM Software. Nor does FWM Software assume any liability or responsibility for it's content. Please use in conjunction with advice from your attorney.

Note: For specific information on a state filing, see the state listing or its Lien Warning Notice, if any. States requiring Lien Warning Notices are noted at the end of this memo.

Description: A notice given by a contractor, subcontractor or supplier to the owner of the project property, and also to the lenders and the general contractors, that the person giving the notice has performed labor, furnished materials, provided services or rented equipment for a job and will be exercising the right to lien said property (in the case of a private work) or reserve moneys (in the case of a public work) for non-payment of the amount due. This form is not a lien, but a notice of your intention to file a lien at the end of the statutory warning period, and differs from a Preliminary Notice form, which is an advisory notice of your lien rights in the event of non-payment. For those states that do not have a Lien Warning Notice form, or for the Federal Government, Lien Writer® can print a generic form at your discretion for the sole purpose of advising the parties involved of your lien intentions. However, since it is not required that you give warning, we advise caution in sending the notice unless all other collection avenues have been exhausted.

Form Types:  All forms can be printed on either plain white paper or Pettit Laser Forms (See Scope for exceptions).

Scope: A Lien Warning Notice is required for these states: Private Works: AL AR CO CT FL ^GA ^IL IN KY LA ^MA MD MO ^ND *^NJ SD PA TN TX WI WV WY Notes: * Lien Warning Notice required only for residential property. ^These forms can only be printed on plain white paper as they must be filed with your county clerk’s office.

Time Constraints: This notice must usually be given shortly before filing the lien (generally 30 to 60 days), with alien to be filed within 90 to 120 days from the day of commencing work.

Information Requirements: Program information, including Exhibit information, if needed.

Procedures: Send copies of the prepared forms to all parties required to be notified by the state where the project is located (see the memo for the particular state for more information). Always send your warning notices by certified or registered mail.

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