Finding County Recorder Addresses

We know of several organizations, but the best source for this information, and anything related to credit granting, is the National Association of Credit Management, a membership organization. They have two excellent manuals: The Credit Manual of Commercial Laws, which is updated each year and contains summaries of the more important commercial laws of the 50 United States, including public and private Mechanic’s Lien law, and the Uniform Commercial Code and Related Procedures Guide, which contains the address and fee information for all County Clerks (and related) offices for all 50 United States and Canada. You can order the manuals as follows. Be sure to mention our name and the Lien Programs® when you call. Better yet, join them!:


Attn: Customer Service                

8815 Centra Park Drive, #200                                   

Columbia, MD 21045                  

Telephone:     (410) 740-5560                

Fax:             (410) 740-5574


National Lien Digest

Attn: Customer Service       

PO Box 24101        

Cleveland, OH 44124

Telephone:     (216) 461-9661       

Fax:             (216) 461-6202


CMAC of Las Vegas

Attn: Construction Dept.

2810 West Charleston, #49

Las Vegas, NV 89102

Telephone:     (800) 841-5793

Fax:              (702) 259-9908


American Subcontractors Association                 

Buy: Lien & Bond Claims in the 50 States

1004 Duke Street                                                           

Alexandria, VA 22314-3512                   

Telephone:     (703) 684-3450                                  

Fax:             (703) 836-3482


National Lien and Bond Service

Attn: Howard Bain   

660 La Salle Place

Highland Park, IL      60035

Telephone:     (708) 432-9191                

Fax:             (708) 432-8950


NCS Construction Services Corp.

Attn: Customer Service

PO Box 24101

Cleveland, OH 44124

Telephone:     (800) 526-5256

Fax:             (216) 461-6202

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