Electronic Mail Submission (EMS) is a service provided by Pitney Bowes and related companies.  Call our office at (530) 622-1344 to order.

With this system you print documents on your printer and generate CSV files (readable by Excel and related products) which use the CSV files to generate a set of cover sheet to send certified mail to the various parties.


There are two areas to setup using the EMS system.  On page 9 of Lien Writer Defaults you setup the path for the storage of the CSV files to use with the system.  The Electronic Transmission Data Path specifies where the CSV file is to be stored.  The default ETF\ directory is under the Lien Writer┬« directory, but it can be any drive, or path you choose:


The rest fo the setup is done on page 12 of the program.  Here you will check the box Electronic Mail Submission.Then you will choose to use the default Job Number for EMS printing or check the Use I.D. # in EMS option.  The program will also uncheck the Assign Certified Numbers box:

Job Entry:

Once you have setup these items there is one more field to start using in the Currect Jobs or History entry screens.  The new ID # field allows you to setup reference numbers for the generation of the CSV files, and a note on each generated preliminary notice at the top of the form.  These numbers are used with each printing:



Printing of the documents is the same.  You entry the job data, print the document and the program and generates a CSV file with the same either the Job or Inv. Number or ID # at the Electronic Transmission Data Path location.  When the mailers for the notices are generated, you simply match up the Job or Inv. Number or the ID # of the document with the CSV file with the same Job or Inv. Number or ID # in its name.

Additional Notices

If you have to reprint a notice for any reason, a new CSV file will be generated with the same name plus an extension starting from one.  For example, if you already printed a notice with a Job or Inv. Number or ID # of C350008 and additional file will be printed on the next run of C350008-1, increasing by one every time.  Use these files as you mean fit for your needs.



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