The ECT system is simple to setup.

1) You must purchase a license for the ECT module.   Call (530) 622-1344 to obtain the licensing for the system.  You need the license codes to make the system useable and to activate access to the ECT Processing:

2) Once you have had your stations activated for ECT, you will need to setup the ECT access in two fields on Page 7 of Lien Writer® Defaults:

Country / Code - If you want to predefine the Country of Mailing, you must enter the International Country code to use with Electronic Certified Transmission.  These two letter codes are defined in the HELP file section on ECT Country Names and Codes.  The United States is simply ‘US’;

ECT Directory – This lists the location where you will build processing files for use by the Vendor’s Postage Machine.  All you have to do is enter the path in Lien Writer® and the program will build the directory if needed.  If the Specific ECT Processing File field is left blank the program will generate one randomly named file for every transmission, allowing you to process many times a day.  If the Specific ECT Process File has a name, the program will generate that file in the ECT Directory.  Until the file is processed, Lien Writer® will just keep adding to it;

Specific ECT Processing File – Some mail processing systems are not designed to work with multiple files in the ECT Directory.  If yours is one, and requires a specific name for the processing file, enter it here with no file extension.  When processing, the program will either create a new file, if one does not exist, or open and continue writing in the file if it exists.  Normally, mailing systems will delete the file when processed.   The file, when created, will have a .CSV extension.

The Processing files are Excel readable, if any emergency editing is required.

3) You will need to setup your Postage Machine software with the same path location as set in ECT Directory, along with other setup (Varies by Vendor).

And, you are ready to roll!

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