Lien Writer® has already been designed to process ECT files.   All you have to do is buy the add-on modules, and do your work as you have always done, with the exception that you will be processing the Certified Log for electronic transmission instead of printing the Form Log of Accountable Mail:

1) After Setup, print your plain paper, Pettit or Walz forms as you always have;

2) Once you are done printing, and are ready to transmit the Certified Log to the Postal Service, access from the Main Menu Notice and Mail / Process Electronic Certified Transmission:

Which will bring up the Electronic Certified Transmission screen.  It should be setup to process the jobs you printed today.  If you need to expand the date range, do so now:

As you can see, files in this system were setup to load to a default directory called C:\ECTLOC.  One thing:  Most of the Postage Machines will look for files in one location.  Lien Writer® makes a new file every time it processes, and marks records that have been processed to prevent repossess.  Run as many times as you like, and the Postage Machines will process each of the files separately.  If your mail machine requires a Specific ECT Processing File, see the section on ECT Setup to name a specific file for processing.  When processing, if the file does not exist, it will be created.  If it does exist, it will be appended.   Normally, the processing software will delete the file after transmission to the USPS, leaving you to do it all again.  When you press ‘Ok’ the program will begin creating the transmission file.  Once done, the program will confirm to mark the records as processed:

NOTE:  Normally you will approve this!!

If no records are ready to process the program will advise you.

With this, assuming your Postage software is setup, your work is done!

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