Lien Warning Notice-Private Work

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Document Title: Notice of Intent to File a Lien.

Scope: State of Connecticut, Private Work.

Time Constraints: This notice must be served on the original contractor (but only if the original contractor has filed an affidavit with the Town Clerk with correct information on the project), owners and sureties within 90 days of ceasing to provide materials or services (where required). The notice is not required if you are an original contractor or sub-contractor with a written contract with the prime contractor with assent in writing from the owner.

Important: Connecticut has some odd requirements as to what constitutes service on the owner. The statute seems to imply that service must be made personally on the owner if he resides in the same town as the project, otherwise by certified mail. If the certified mail is returned, service may be done by publication. Personal service (professional or by the local constable, sheriff or marshal) and service by publication is expensive, but we cannot state that certified mail service may be sufficient in itself.

Information Requirements: Program information.

Form Types: Notice of Intent to File a Lien and exhibits A-D, if needed.

Procedures: Service copies of the prepared forms by personal service or certified mail (see above) to the original contractor, owner and sureties (if known). You may file your lien anytime after the notice is serviced, possibly waiting 30 days but not past 90 days since ceasing to provide material or services since you must file your lien within that time.

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