Company (as your customers) Setup in Lien Writer Pro®

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In Lien Writer® Pro it is presumed that, unlike other version of Lien Writer®, Customers are customers of the Companys, and the Company’s, by contrast, are your clients or customers. To properly bill them you need to set the Company’s up correctly.

First, the Company Entry / Update screen of the Lien Writer® Pro program is a little different from the other Lien Writer® company screens in that it has Bill To and Rate fields, at the bottom of the screen:

Bill To: All companies must have a company code for proper operation.  The Bill To field is necessary for proper billing, and works like this.  If the billing is to go to the company that you have setup here, just re-enter the Company Code  in the Bill To field.  If the billing is part of a mass billing to another company, you must have set up that “main’ company already and enter its Company Code in the Bill To code of the subsidiary company.  When billing is processed, a single bill, broken up by Company Codes, will be sent to the Bill To company.

Rate: This field setup up a default Prelminary Notice rate for billing based on the chosen price matrix (is it otherwise calculated by the stored billing rate when printing the document).

Setting these fields handles all of the necessary information for using the product codes and price matrixes for billing.

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