Calendaring Your Jobs In Lien Writer®

This function is used to schedule your files for possible follow actions.

Step 1: Set a Next Call Back date in the Dates and Dollars Page.

Step 2: Type in any appropriate actions you may need to follow through with. This information will display in the Calendar Screen.

After you have entered a next call date, you have the ability to view this file through the Calendar screen for a quick view follow up:

Find the “Current Jobs File” click on the “Calendar” button. This will bring up the Calendar screen. You can now set a date range to view your files and get a quick overview of the next actions needed. You also have the ability to run hardcopy reports thru the “Reports and Labels” bar on the upper tool bar.

Outlook Calendar Interface – While we have had a Calendar System in the Lien Programs® for years, it has limitations. First of all, you have to have your Lien Program® open for the calendar to be available. And you have to use it and keep it. And, if you do not remove the calendared items the list gets longer, and longer and longer…. An additional option was needed! Since most of our customers have Microsoft Outlook, and know how to use its calendar system, we decided to design an interface to Outlook that would take advantage of the features of Outlook. For example, the program has always had the Next Call Date and Next Action field available for our calendar. We have added a new button on the Dates & Dollars tab called Calendar in Outlook. If you press this button, the Set Outlook Appointment screen appears:

The fields in the Set Outlook Appointment, in order are:

Start Time for the event, AM or PM;

End Time for the event, AM or PM;

Next Call Date. If you make changes to this field it changes in the Next Call Date of the Lien screen;

Subject. If you make changes to this field it changes in the Next Action field of the Lien screen;

Notes for the event;

Location for the event;

Set Reminder to activate a reminder for the event at the start time;

Minutes Before Reminder. If the Set Reminder checkbox is checked, you may set how many minutes before the start time to activate the reminder.

And the item is added to the Outlook calendar with the project title:

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