Billing with Lien Writer Pro®

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Lien Writer® Pro offers, in addition to the normal printing of Mechanic’s Liens related documents, the ability to bill for the service of printing these documents.  Billing is a part of the process of printing Lien Writer® Pro forms.  To properly use the program you need an understanding of how you intend to process documents, for whom, and your particular duties to the customer.  We will discuss this over several documents in the Lien Writer® Pro section.

The sections discussed will be:

  1. Product Code Entry / Update
  2. Set Up Mass Price Matrixes
  3. Company (as your customers) Setup
  4. Defining yourself as the company and signer for documents
  5. Creating Items for Billing
  6. Accounts Receivable (AR) Detail Entry / Update
  7. Mass Document Accounts Receivable (AR) Detail Entry / Update
  8. Build Mass Printing A/R for Month
  9. Print Invoices and Statements
  10. Invoice Logo Setup
  11. Downloading from FTP/HTTP Sites via the Internet

There is one more section to released in the future.  Export A/R File will be an interface for popular accounting programs.

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