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Warning: All information contained within this data base is subject to change at any time by the various states and is not guaranteed in any way by FWM Software. Nor does FWM Software assume any liability or responsibility for its content. Please use in conjunction with advice from your attorney.

Note: The following information covers all states for this generic form. Please use at your own risk and in conjunction with advice from your attorney.

Description: This form is used to obtain all necessary information for the preparation of Preliminary Notices, Releases, Lien Warning Notices, Bond or Lien Claims, Bond or Lien Claim Releases and, optionally, to obtain a credit application for the customer. It may be mailed, used to takeover the phone orders or given to your salesperson for completion.

Scope: All states, Private or Public Works.

Time Constraints: The information these forms request can be vital to proper preparation of your documents. Obtain the information before the statutory time expires for the preparation and filing of any statutory document for any state.

Information Requirements: None. This document is a source of information. Complete it as much as possible.

Form Types: Customer Cover Letter, Job Information Worksheet and Application for Commercial Credit. Printing of any set of documents in the series is completely optional.

Procedures: This document can be printed from a selected job in the Current Jobs or History data bases or optionally from a selected reference in the Reference data base. The form prints for whatever is the currently selected record. Choose which forms you wish to print- some will want only the Job Information Sheet, others the complete set. In the case of the Customer Cover Letter, if you are using a laser printer you should set the 'Print Request Header' to 'N' and use your own letterhead paper for the Customer Cover Letter(first page). If you do not have a job as yet for a customer, access the form via the Reference data base and enter what Company number for which you will be printing the form.

Important: Information accuracy is vital. Be sure to confirm all information as much as possible. Your customer may not always be the best source for this information, consider calling the owner and general contractor in addition.

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