All States
Exhibits A to D

Warning: All information contained within this data base is subject to change at any time by the various states and is not guaranteed in any way by FWM Software.  Nor does FWM Software assume any liability or responsibility for its content. Please use in conjunction with advice from your attorney.

Note: For specific information on a state filing, see the state listing for the appropriate document.

Description: These addendum’s are used for extended information relating to a particular job, such as legal property description, trust fund information, service description and other legal parties to the lien.

Scope: All States, all documents where needed.

Form Types: Exhibit A (if a county recorder's office legal description of the property is needed), Exhibit B (if you deal with union trust funds), Exhibit C (if an extended description of the services provided is needed [overrides the default description]) and Exhibit D (if Additional Legal Parties is set to 'Y' and you have actually entered additional legal parties, an exhibit listing all additional Owners, General Contractors, Lenders and Sureties will print with your forms).

Procedures: Use with all documents when extended information is needed.

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