Accounts Receivable (AR) Detail Entry / Update in Lien Writer® Pro

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All Lien Writer┬« Pro billing comes from the records of the Ardetail.dbf table.  Data goes into the table one of three ways.  One, you directly enter a record.  Two, you print a document, where the Product code is not set up as a mass matrix product, and the billing detail is directly posted to the A/R detail table.  Third, you print a document where the Product code is set up as a mass matrix product, and the billing detail is actually stored in the Preliendetail.dbf file for processing at the end of the Billing (year-month) period via the Post Mass Items to A/R Details screen.  Whichever way the details come in, they are available for editing and review in the A/R Detail Entry/update screen from the Main Menu / AR Detail Entry Update option:

Project:                Enter the Project name;

Customer:                Enter the Customer name of the company;

Company Code:                Enter the company code of the company making the claim;

Company:                Enter the name of the company for which you will be printing lien documents and making lien claims;

Title:                        Enter the title of the claimant;

Bill to Code:                Enter the company number where all billing will go for a client;

Notice Date:                Enter the time and the notice was printed;

Billing Date:                Enter the billing date of the notice;

Billing Yr-Month:        Enter the Year-Month of the billing;

Product ID:                Enter the Product ID for the AR detail;

Product:                The Product description is set by the Product ID;

# of Docs Printed:        Enter the number of documents printed;

Amount:                Enter the basic amount of the document product;

Over Price:                This field charges for the job you override price.  Else, it is set according to the definition for the customer in the rate chart                                (accounting);

Billed?:                Check if this item has been billed already.  If checked it will not be processed when printing invoices;

Express Serv.:        Assesses your charge for Express Mail delivery;

Express Chrg.:        Enter the express charge for the document;

Main Rec. ID:                Enter the record ID of the job for identification;

User:                        The station where data was entered from.

When adding a new record, you will be accorded the option to import data from the current record of the Current Jobs file to make the record more quickly.

This A/R detail data, via the Billing Yr/Month, will be used to produce the various invoices for your company customers in the Print Invoices section.

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