A Simple Walk Though of the Program


Section 1: Installation

Step 1: Go to the website www.fwmsoftware/fwm-software-downloads and pick the Lien_Writer_Installation program residing there. Double click on it to download;

Step 2: Click on the downloaded installer and follow the on screen instructions. You will reach the Lien Writer® Setup Wizard. Click Next to begin the installation.

Step 3: Read the License Agreement, choose I Agree and click Next.

Step 4: At the Select Installation Folder screen you get the opportunity to change the directory for Lien Writer®. We recommend you accept the default C:\Program Files\Lien Program (32-bit) or the C:\Program Files (x86)\ Lien Program (64-bit) directory to simplify future upgrades and Technical Support troubleshooting. Click Next to continue.

Step 5: You will reach the Confirm Installation screen. Click Next to continue. At this point you should see a progress bar in your installer menu. When the installation is complete, you will be see an Installation Complete screen.

Section 2: Registration

To start Lien Writer®, double click on the icon on your desktop or the Start Menu. Another option is to go to your programs menu, look for FWM Software program group, expand it, and click on the listing for Lien Program. The first screen you will come to upon entering Lien Writer® is the Program Registration screen. You will be prompted to call FWM Software Customer Service at (530) 622-1344 to receive your 24 digit registration code. After you have entered the registration code, click the Continue button to setup the program:

Figure 1: Registration Screen

Section 3: Company Setup

Continue through the other Program Information screens until you reach the Company Setup screen.

Figure 2: Company Setup Screen

Step 1: Complete each of the text boxes by entering your company information. Note: If you are not sure what information belongs in a field, press F1 on your keyboard for a Help definition.

Step 2: Click continue to printer setup. Note: lf there is no continue, click close at the bottom right of this screen.

Section 4: Printer Setup

From the Printer Setup Screen you can choose which printer(s) will be used to print reports, notices and labels. Click the Printer icon to the right of each selection and choose the printer you want the notice, report or label to print on.

Figure 3: Printer Setup Screen

1. Click on the printer icon to select a printer;

2. Select a printer;

Section 5: Tip of the day

After you have selected all four of your printers, click the Close Screen button. Lien Writer® will begin a process of re-indexing the data files. When this is done you will be taken to a Tip of the Day screen. Click OK to continue. You are now ready to start using Lien Writer®. If you do not wish to see a Tip of the Day when Lien Writer® opens, uncheck Show Tips at Startup. (See step 2).

Section 6: Current Jobs

The Current Jobs File is where you will create and edit job information, print notices, schedule follow-up calls, and keep detailed notes about your jobs.

The Current Jobs File breaks job information down into different sections (Customer, Project, Owner, etc.). Each section of information is represented by a tab in the Current Jobs File. Notice that each tab has a title which describes the information contained in that section. Click on a tab to display the corresponding information.

Figure 4: Current Jobs Screen

Definition of Common Terms for the Mechanics Lien Process

Customer: The person or business entity to whom you supply with your labor, materials or services that generate a lien liability on the property of the owner, or money or bond lien on the public entity or payment bond company.

Project: Also known as a job. This defines the present location or site where your materials will be delivered or your labor or services performed.

Owner: The person or business entity that holds title to the property, and is ultimately responsible for work performed on the property. Some states allow liens on land that is owned outright (a fee interest) and also on land that is rented long term (a leasehold interest).

General (General Contractor): The person or business entity that has a direct contract with the owner or public entity.

Lender: The person or business entity who provides financing for the project, be it a bank, mortgage company, individual, etc. Not all projects have lenders, and public projects almost never have lenders.

Dates and Dollars: This is the tab where any dates or dollar amounts are entered.

Section 7: First step in creating notices

Figure 5: Current Jobs Screen

Step 1: Click on the Add Job button at the upper right hand side of the Current Jobs File. This will create a blank record, assign the record a reference number and prepare you to enter job information.

Step 2: Select your company code by clicking the inverted triangle▼ to the right of the Company field. Lien Writer® Single-State allows you to create a single company. The Lien Writer® Multi-State version allows an unlimited number of companies. In either version you must select a company code before you can continue. The company code tells Lien Writer® what information to print on your Lien Documents.

Step 3: Job or Inv. Number: This can contain letters, numbers or both. If you don’t use job numbers, you should consider using them. They are a great way to track your jobs in Lien Writer®. You may also choose to enter invoice numbers or sales codes here instead.

Step 4: Customer Number: You can enter existing numbers from your own customer system or create them. If you do not wish to use customer numbers, this field can be left blank.

Note: You may also use your acoounting software’s customer numbers. There are features to import from your accounting software into Lien Writer®.

Step 5: Customer Name: Enter the name of the person or the company you are contracted to. If you would like to search for an existing record in the Reference File you can do so by clicking on the button to the right of the Customer field.

Step 6: 2nd Line Customer: Use this field if you need more room for a Customer name or a DBA.

Step 7: Address: Enter the Customer’s address.

Step 8: Phone Number/Fax Number: Enter the Customer’s phone and fax numbers.

Step 9: Zip: Enter a zip code; Lien Writer® will search the Zip Code file for a match. If a match is found, Lien Writer® will insert the City and State information automatically. Lien Writer® will then attempt to find a matching record in the Reference File. If no match is found, a dialog box similar to the one shown below will appear. Click Yes, and Lien Writer® will create a new record in the Reference File which you can use to save re-typing information in the future. Click No to continue entering information without adding a new record to the Reference File. Note: See below for an explanation.

Figure 6: Add to customer list Screen

Step 10: The Cert No. field is a place for you to enter the certified number from your green card to display on the notice . You can setup this section with a Lien Writer® number, and this field will not be displayed during each notice (see Note: on page 7 for explanation).

Once you’ve completed these steps, click on the Project tab to continue. After completing the screens:






Click on the Dates & Dollars tab to enter any dates or dollar amounts on this specific job

Section 8: Printing your notice

The Print tab, when clicked, will display a selection of notices and forms that you can print for a particular job. Once you select a notice or form, Lien Writer® will display another screen where you can edit information as needed. Follow the next two screens below.

Figure 7: Current Jobs Screen

Click the Print button to select notice.

After clicking the Print button you will be taken to the Select a notice screen.

Click the notice you wish to print

After clicking the notice you will be taken to the Printer options for Screen.

1. Check YOUR company information

2. Click print to continue to the next screen

3. Check your printer destination

After clicking print you will be taken to the Print options/Certified Prefix Screen.

Click Print but read Note: below. Note: After purchasing Lien Writer® you have the option to setup your certified mailing with Technical Support. You can enter the first and last certified mailing number in your stack, and never have to reenter any numbers (unless stack of certified mailing numbers are used).

Figure 11: Print Preview Screen

Click print tab to finish notice

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